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The pressure washing experts at Curb Appeal Pressure Washing offer premier fence washing for your home in Lincolnville. Keeping your fence clean can help extend the lifespan and ensure you’ve got a great-looking home. If you’re looking for professional, thorough pressure washing for Lincolnville, you’ve come to the right place. 

Fence washing is one of the best ways you can ensure you’re keeping up on your fence maintenance project. Soft washing is a great way to clean away built-up dirt and grime that finds its way onto the surface of your fence. 

Our experts individually assess each property we clean to ensure you’re getting the best cleaners and water pressure for your unique cleaning project. The biodegradable cleaners we use break down mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants to ensure your fence is safe from damage. The high-powered water spray in pressure washing gets deep into your outdoor surfaces. If there are cracks or breaks on your fence, the water will get deep inside and clean away any contaminants that are hidden. 

Fence washing isn’t the only professional pressure washing service we offer. If you’re looking for a completely outdoor clean for your home, we also offer deck washing, gutter cleaning, and more to ensure your outdoor surfaces are kept in great shape. 

To learn more about how the experts at Curb Appeal Pressure Washing can help with your cleaning projects in Lincolnville, call our pressure washing pros at 843-612-0160 today and set up an appointment. 

Wood & Vinyl Fence Cleaning 

Wood and vinyl fences are more fragile than other fencing materials. While metal and brick can stand up to the high-powered water spray used in pressure washing, wood and vinyl often need a gentler touch. If you have a wood or vinyl fence, our experts will recommend low-pressure soft washing. 

Soft washing is the perfect choice for your fence cleaning project. Our professional soft washing is just as thorough as pressure washing without endangering your fence. We choose individualized cleaners and the perfect water pressure so you can feel confident your fence is cleaned and sanitized. 

Washing Your Fence

Fences can be made of wood, metal, PVC, and even masonry. Investing in professional pressure washing for your fence washing project ensures that you’re getting the best clean without having to spend hours or even days on the cleaning process. 

Another great reason to invest in professional fence washing is that our experts know how to get the best results without damaging your property. Pressure washing can be a dangerous cleaning option if you aren’t fully trained. Our pressure washing and soft washing experts are here to help ensure you’re getting a great clean with a reputable local contractor. 

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