Is Professional Pressure Washing Safe For The Environment?

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Is Professional Pressure Washing Safe For The Environment?

For home and business owners who are more eco-conscious, whether or not a cleaning technique is eco-friendly can make all the difference in their decision to add it to their maintenance routine. Professional pressure washing is considered safe for the environment, but you may be wondering exactly how. Keep reading to learn a little more about how the pressure washing technique stacks up against more traditional methods of cleaning by hand in order to help you better determine whether or not this cleaning service is the perfect fit for you and your property.

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What Exactly Constitutes Eco-Friendliness?

There are a multitude of factors that determine whether or not something is eco-friendly or otherwise safe for the environment, but for the sake of ease, we can break it down into three main parts: time, energy, and overall resources used. Using these variables, professional pressure washing can be considered eco-friendly because it:

  • Takes a short amount of time. Pressure washing is a very quick process from start to finish. Because the water or detergent is being expelled from the pressure washer so quickly, more ground can be covered in a short amount of time.
  • Expends less energy. The less time something takes, the less energy it expends. Less energy is used for both the person performing the pressure washing and the equipment itself than with other methods.
  • Uses fewer overall resources. Pressure washing uses less water, cleaning solutions, and other resources due to how quick the entire process is. And as an added bonus, most professionals actively choose to use eco-friendly detergents for their services. This is especially important for soft washing services like house washing, which require a higher concentration of chemicals due to the lower pressure settings.

How The Pressure Washing Method Stacks Up Against More Traditional Methods Of Exterior Cleaning By Hand

So how exactly does professional pressure washing stack up against manual methods of exterior cleaning? It takes far less time, energy, and resources than traditional methods, making it much more eco-friendly in the long run. You’ll get an absolutely flawless clean that doesn’t pose a risk to your exterior surfaces or the world around them, so you can feel good about making this choice for your property.

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