What You Need To Know About The Three Methods Of Pressure Washing

Concrete Pressure Washing

What You Need To Know About The Three Methods Of Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing is not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially considering just how many types of surfaces and materials are out there. It’s also not nearly as easy as pointing the hose at any given surface and hoping for the best without taking the type of material into consideration. Professionals are trained for working with all kinds of exterior surfaces in various conditions, and that’s where the three primary pressure washing techniques come in. They all serve their purpose, and an expert will know exactly which method to use when for the best possible results for you and your property.

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What Are The Three Primary Pressure Washing Techniques?

The three primary pressure washing techniques are:

  • Pressure washing. This is the standard method that most people are familiar with. It’s a high-pressure wash that’s perfect for cleaning harder surfaces like brick, stone, and concrete. It’s generally used for a service like driveway washing, for example, to deliver a powerful clean for a surface that’s built to hold up to a higher pressure setting with relative ease.
  • Soft washing. This technique is a low-pressure wash that’s perfect for cleaning more delicate surfaces like your roofing, vinyl siding, or windows. Soft washing uses a much lower pressure setting, usually at or below 500 PSI, which is just slightly higher than the average garden hose. This ensures that you get flawless results without the risk of damage to your exterior surfaces.
  • Power washing. As the name would suggest, this method is a powerful high-pressure wash used to clean the hardest surfaces like concrete. The key distinction with power washing is the use of heated water to clean and sanitize, and it requires a heating element to be performed. It’s important to note that not all contractors will offer power washing, but the other methods work just as well!

Why The Method Matters When It Comes To Your Exterior Surfaces

So why does the method matter? Well, for starters, using the wrong method on a surface may lead to unnecessary property damage that can be very costly to deal with later on. For surfaces that require the gentler soft washing method, for example, using a high-pressure wash can be a recipe for disaster. Working with a professional like Curb Appeal Pressure Washing will ensure that you not only get the very best results but also that your property stays safe in the process.

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