The Importance of Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

A dirty roof can affect the value of your home and increase the number of repairs needed. It is important to clean your roof regularly to prevent moss, mildew, and lichen growth, which trap moisture against the shingles, causing deterioration and possible leaks.

Regular cleaning also reveals damaged areas that need structural repair, preventing future damage and preserving your home’s appearance. Get more info.

Remove Dirt and Debris

It’s important to remove physical debris from the roof because it can clog gutters and prevent rainwater from draining properly. This can lead to mold, mildew, moss, and other issues that can damage the roof and cause water leaks in the house.

Removing debris is best done during dry weather since it’s typically unsafe to climb onto the roof during windy or rainy conditions. A broom or leaf blower is often sufficient to remove light debris like pine needles and dry leaves, though you may need a full-body harness and long-handled brush for more difficult jobs.

For dirt, stains, and other more stubborn buildups, you can use a non-corrosive cleaning agent, such as Wet and Forget. Mix this with water in a pump sprayer or backpack sprayer and apply it to the roof. Sweeping the area first will help avoid slips or falls and allow the cleaning solution to act directly on any stuck-on grime or stains.

Remove Moss and Algae

Moss and algae can also grow on your roof, and they should be removed as part of the roof-cleaning process. Moss is typically a green fuzzy growth that grows between shingles or on metal roofing surfaces. Algae are dark green or black in color and may be found alongside moss. Algae and moss are photosynthetic organisms that use chlorophyll for survival. They are spread by airborne spores.

Both moss and algae are shade-loving plants that thrive in areas with limited sunlight. They can damage your roof by retaining water, and they can block and choke gutter systems.

Moss and algae can be removed with a solution of laundry-strength chlorine bleach or other household cleaners. Mix the solution into a pump sprayer, and apply it to the affected areas of your roof. Allow the solution to sit on the moss and algae for 30 minutes. Then, rinse the area thoroughly with a hose on a low-pressure setting to prevent shingle damage.

Increase the Appearance of Your Home

A clean roof adds to the overall appearance of a property, whether you’re thinking about selling or just want your home to look beautiful. A professional exterior cleaner knows how much pressure is appropriate for various types of roofs and can identify potential damage that needs attention.

Moss, algae, and lichen growth can deteriorate roof tiles and shingles, leaving them more vulnerable to leaks and other damage. In addition, stains from these organisms detract from the overall aesthetic of a home. Regular cleaning with nontoxic solutions helps eliminate growing roots and spores while also loosening caked-on dirt and debris for easy rinse-off.

For the best results, many homeowners opt for a soft wash roof cleaning rather than high-pressure power washing. Strong force can pull gutters from their connectors, damaging the underlying structures. A soft wash with nontoxic cleaners is safe for most roof materials and leaves the property looking its best. It’s also an environmentally friendly option that won’t harm plants, pets, or local waterways.

Prevent Water Damage

When debris collects on the roof, it can block rain gutters and cause shingles to become loose or cracked. Cleaning the roof can prevent these issues and keep the home protected from moisture that could lead to expensive repairs and damage.

Water damage can be caused by many factors, including heavy rains, storms, and hurricanes that lead to flooding or leaks. However, water damage can also be caused by clogged gutters, cracks in the foundation, and even untreated wood trim. A deteriorating roof can allow water to leak into the house, leading to mildew smells, mold, and damp walls.

Regular roof cleaning can help protect the exterior of your home from staining and damage caused by fungus, algae, and other organisms. A professional roof cleaning company will use a low-pressure cleaning method that is safe for most roofing materials. The non-toxic cleaners they use will kill fungus and algae without damaging the tiles or causing streaks. Next article.



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